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How we work? - Welcome To Emconet
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How we work?

Our Aim

We provide a high quality services at low costs. We are aware about hard living in the UK for our compatriots and will not ask you to pay for unnecessary administration or for the additional cost with renting prestigious offices

Our aim is to help you to find your personal space in the UK, to improve your skills and qualification, so you might find it easy to live in a different country, to decrease a gap between your skills and a decent job, where you can enjoy and succeed!

Our main aim is to provide informative / mentoring / befriending / counselling and institutional support on all aspects of living in the UK, so members of our communities will feel involved and benefit into the social and economic life of the UK and will be able to reach their full potential.

Our vision

Our strategic vision is to be a leading organisation in advancing the social integration of migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in the UK by:

  • Facilitating, advancing, and supporting the full economic, social and cultural integration of migrants.
  • Advocating and lobbying the needs of migrants within local and central public services and other agencies on their behalf so that their problems are understood and action is taken to address these.
  • Narrowing the gap between neglected and socially excluded newcomers from A8 Eastern European countries and from ex-communist bloc countries, including Belorussian, Ukrainian and Russian communities.

Our mission

Our mission is to relieve poverty among disadvantaged groups from Central and Eastern Europe and neighbouring countries, which include refugees and migrants by the provision of the mentoring, befriending and supportive services, delivering information, advice and guidance and making these services accessible in response to the challenges of a migration process.

Our values

  • We believe that people are basically good
  • We believe that living in different country brings not only a challenge, but joy, fun and benefit for all
  • We believe that honesty, openness and commitment can create environment for bridging our cultures and make life easy for all
  • We recognise and respect everyone as a unique individual
  • We will treat you the way, as you want to be treated and expect you to do the same towards us

Our principles

INDEPENDENCE We will always act in the interests of our clients, without influence from any outside bodies

IMPARTIALITY:    We do not judge our clients or make any assumptions about them.  Our service is open to all Eastern Europe, Ukrainian and Russian communities. We treat everyone equally

CONFIDENTIALITY: We will not pass on any information provided by a client, – or even the fact that they have visited us – without their permission. We will only release the information to particular agencies, listed in our Confidentiality Policy, that ensure the successful fulfilment of the ECN business and in the best interests of our clients.  We adhere to  the Data protection Act 1984, which allows holding and sharing specific information about our clients where it is required by law or as a part of legal procedures.

EQUALITY:  We endeavour to provide inclusiveness to all, so Eastern European migrants will have fair access to services, premises, jobs and other opportunities. The core of our job is to help them to overcome barriers they face and this we monitor regularly.