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Who We Are - Welcome To Emconet
07908320040 info@e-c-n.co.uk

Who We Are

We all from different worlds, and together we are stronger!


We are migrants who came to the UK a while ago.  We liked this country and wanted to live, to study and to work here. We have gone through all pitfalls of settlement on a new land, have learned English and worked hard to find our own place on this welcoming, strong and reserved country. We remember our first months, when we struggled in understanding public systems and process of searching employment.

It ‚s great if you came to this country with some knowledge of English.  You are very lucky, if you quickly found a JOB and managed to keep it for long.

However, your accent and a low confidence will always „sell you out” as a migrant. And this might prevent you to choose a job for which you have enough skills and experience. The problem is one – lack of English and not enough knowledge how British public systems  work.

We all went through that and we want to share our knowledge with you.  Our difference is that we provide services, information, support and advocacy for your benefits and on your native language. We want that you feel included in the mainstream of existing services and language was not a barrier for you.  We will do our best to help you.

Our work includes:

  • Providing high quality at low cost flexible services, that allow migrants to find their place in the UK as quick as possible and in a place they choose
  • Providing advice and information through our website and Facebook
  • Giving the opportunity to learn about life in the UK with language support.
  • We communicate with clients from Central and Eastern Europe, living in the UK on Russian and Latvian languages and we have volunteers, helping us to talk on most of Eastern European languages.
  • If we cannot help to our clients, we will find someone who can.