Barbeque and Awards for volunteers

On 2nd of September, as a culmination of the excellent performances during the summer festivals we have arranged an Award Ceremony for our participants. They have received the Certificates of Community Commitments and prizes – for participation, preparation and contribution!

2017 was very busy year for EMCONET and its clients. Festivals, social trips around the country, educational talks and seminars – all this would be impossible without our volunteers, their hard work and commitments.

To acknowledge achievements and to say THANK YOU to our volunteers, EMCONET decided to arrange a favourite activity – invite all our loyal friends and supporters on summer barbecue at the well-known to all Moorside road.

People from 12 Eastern European countries gathered together to share food, drinks, games and have a good time together. International snacks, salads, fried sausages and of course, excellent aromatic shashliks – all created festive mood and environment. Guests enjoyed chatting, playing and sharing funny stories and anecdotes.

Managing Director Elena Jeanes congratulated participants with successful performances on the festivals and awarded everybody with Certificate of Community Commitment and a small prize.

It was wonderful to see so many people and have so many languages and cultures all mixing together. Even the weather had fun with the sun playing hide and seek! This has been our third year when we gathering for a barbeque and we are hopeful that we can make it into an annual event.

See photos below!