(English) Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

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This was a social and cultural day out to Bristol to watch hot air balloons.

The festival was indeed impressive with an aerobatics display consisting of parachutists landing in the main display area and remote controlled model aircraft. There was also a display by a Vintage bi-plane which had us all gasping at the complexity of his maneuvers.

The highlight of the evening was indeed the balloons. Due to the stiff breeze they were not allowed to take off but tethered in the main display area they were a wonderful spectacle to behold as they appeared to dance to the music.

The main event started at 9 pm, 30 huge balloons were raised, displaying colourful play of variety of its forms and shapes.

Under slow music they glided in the sky, and it was seem as they danced in tune with music.

It was magnificent show and we all decided that it was worth to pay visit

Our group had a very enjoyable time with a typical eastern European picnic consisting of cooked meats, bliny, gherkins and various other delicacies. A quantity of beer and cider also helped things along!

We all arrived home between three and four on Sunday morning and all agreed that it had been a good day out despite the logistical problems.