Our events 2016

2016 was an extremely busy year for us and we are glad it was that busy, as it means that we are helping the community and our services are required!

During this year we’ve organised or took part into the following events and projects.

Participation at Police Interview Panel

EMCONET is proud to announce, that a member of the charity participated in the final Interview panel for West Midlands Police Constable Recruitment.

On 12th February 2016 Elena as a Community Partner, joined to the Force Final Interview Panel, comprised of two police officers with the rank of Inspector. The Police recruitment panel received applications from over 200 candidates.  Read more

The Big Bang Fair 2016

Seven adults and children from Poland, Russia, Lithuania and Latvia attended Big Bang Fair and participated in interactive workshops, seminars and exhibitions.

Seven adults and children from Poland, Russia, Lithuania and Latvia attended Big Bang Fair and participated in interactive workshops, seminars and exhibitions.

On Saturday, 19.03.2016, for the second time EMCONET had a chance participate in The Big Bang Fair – great fun for kids and adults interested in science. It was a day out to remember! Four different nationalities, adults and kids were excited by this great opportunity to explore world of science.

Mad scientists, laboratories, experiments, Hollywood special effects (yes, even the explosions!) and robots- all under one roof of Birmingham’s NEC. Amount and variety of activities created to entertain and amaze, proved that science can be fun and great alternative to spend time on for kids and adults alike. Read More




Art Therapy

FullSizeRender_3Many people like painting!

It makes us relax, forget endless problems and enjoy by creative time.  But when we together create our mood via drawing – we all became likes children!

On 25th of March Emconet gave to its clients the time to be children. Under guidance of an experienced Art Therapist Ann-Elizabeth we explored our feelings and challenged themselves in creating a picture reflecting our mood. It was incredible experience – with glitter and felt, acryl and oil, mixing non-mixable tools we  created an image of our mood. Children and adults from 7 countries enjoyed in drawing, sharing food and paints, laugh and dance – we all had unforgettable fun.

Eastern European Easter 

thumb_IMG_2004_1024Easter is the most important and oldest festival of the Christian Church. It is celebrating at the beginning of April the resurrection of Christ.

Not many British know that ours East European compatriots, majority of which are Orthodox and Catholics – celebrate Easter by Julian calendar. This year Emconet decided to bring light and joy of Easter on the first weekend of May. Together with Russian mums in Brum, on the 7th of May we gathered at Brasshouse Community Centre.

As ever, we enjoying sharing ethnic food and crafts, wonderful prizes and Clown appearance, visiting Mickey Mouse  – kept all adults and children very happy!

Raising Confidence Workshop

2 Reflecting

“The best way to create own future – is to become its creator”

On Tuesday 28th June 2016 the EMCONET organised a workshop, aimed at raising the self-esteem and confidence of its clients.

Women from Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, affected in their past by domestic violence and abuse, gathered in the Brasshouse community Centre to find out more about themselves. The aim of the workshop is to help women to explore their past experiences, that hold them in a low position, how to be successful and confident woman, where they can find strengths to overcome barriers and begin to live the life they want.

Tewkesbury Festival Trip

thumb_IMG_2683_1024 History of England always fascinates people. Britons love their history and often re-create famous events from the past.  For expats living in England, very interesting and important to be familiar with past events, so they can better understand English culture and traditions.

Since 1984 English people from all over Europe gathered nearby the Tewkesbury Abbey. They celebrate a memories of famous battles happens in 1471 year between Lancaster and York dynasties.

Emconet organized a trip for the emigrants from Latvia, Russia, Poland, Ukraine. For majority this was the very first contact with the “old” England. Read more…

Kings Bromley Show
vintage ca

In a hot July’ day (23rd of 2016) hundreds of people from all over England came to Staffordshire to enjoy a famous for nearly 30 years the Kings Bromley show.

Art and jewellery, craft and horticulture, woodwork and photography, dogs show and children’ race – all was to display, enjoy and relax on this great day!

With great pleasure we watched elegant vintage cars. It was overwhelming feeling when, with kind permission of owners we sat in the lambent Vauxhall 1931 year and imagined driving such a treasure.

Emconet gave its clients another chance to get close to native British traditions. Our migrants were delightful to see familiar entertainments in a rural village. We were fascinated by hospitality and warm welcoming when one of the organisers after the show invited us on a “Cream Tea”. Read more…

Eastern European Food Festival

dsc_7954-nefПрекрасным завершением учебного года прошло организованное в конце июля 2016 празднование Фестиваля  Кухни Народов Восточной Европы

В партнерстве с Русскоязычным Клубом Рубрик, Эмконет пригласил на барбекю в Ярдли Вуд  всех желающих попробовать закуски и угощения из многих стран Европы.

На празднование съехались достойные представители из пятнадцати разных стран. Гости наслаждались многочисленными салатами, закусками,  жареными колбасками  и конечно, превосходными шашлыками, приготовленными по особому рецепту Грегоржа из Польши.

Organizacja pomagająca imigrantkom

marta_policeEmerging Communities Network (Emconet) jest organizacją mającą na celu pomaganie imigrantom w odnalezieniu swojego miejsca w brytyjskiej rzeczywistości. Dla wielu z nas codzieność jest wyzwaniem, to wyzanie, ma zupełnie inny wymiar, kiedy doświadczamy go w obcym języku z daleka od rodziny i przyjaciół.

Dlatego razem z Eleną Jeanes (Managing Director) stworzyłyśmy projekt Na rozstaju dróg, który ma na celu dotarcie do jak największej ilości Polek z regionu West Midlands, doświadczających przemocy w związku. Współpracujęmy obecnie z West Midlands Police, prowadzimy darmowe warsztaty w języku polskim i oferujemy sesje “drop-in”, kursy językowe i podstawy obsługiwania komputera (wszystko bezpłatnie).

Motywujemy kobiety do zmian, a przed wszystkim informujemy w spób prosty i efectywny, o tym jak rozpoznać toksyczne relacje i jak sobie z nimi radzić .

Fork On the Road

(Motivational workshop on Polish language)

marta1What is your dream? Do you want to live and work in the places of your choices or you just follow by what other people told you to do?

What motivates you for changes? Do you know how to achieve your life dream? Migration to the UK has never been easy and if you are not trained in fighting difficulties, any small barrier can put you off your dream.

On 22nd October 16 EMCONET launched the project for Polish people about motivating and unleashing potential workshops. Experienced psychologist from Poland, Marta Bielska, together with our Polish clients, explored and challenged them about their life and dreams, shared her thoughts and helped to find out about own strengths, skills and motivators.

Together, speaking on Polish language, Marta and our Polish clients discovered amazing achievements they all had in the past.

EMCONET helps local people get more out of online life!


Last week (October 17-23) EMCONET helped more than 20 people discover what the internet could offer them, as part of the national Get Online Week campaign.

Thousands of Get Online Week events took place across the UK, with Emerging Communities Network leading the way by helping people to try doing everyday things the digital way – and showing them how being online could make life cheaper, quicker and easier.

Visitors to the English classes at Brasshouse Community Centre were able discover how the internet could help them do anything from finding work or taking care of their health, to saving money and much, much more – many using tablets, computers and the internet for the first time.