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Employment, CV & job application support

You have decided to take a challenge and to move in the UK for a better life. First your concern is a finding a job. You may have got qualifications, which you hope may be in demand in the UK. May be you have had a valuable work experience, which you may use in the UK. You also need to have a general knowledge of employment’ trends and understanding of the workplace system.

There are plenty of useful resources on the Internet to assist you to find a work, however, the amount of it may be overwhelming and / or difficult to locate.

We will

  • Teach you the best methods of looking for a job
  • Register you on Universal Job Match
  • Complete your personal profile
  • Help you with filling a job application form
  • Help you to edit your CV and Covering Letter
  • Assist you to make a first contact with employer
  • Help you in creating an effective CV and Covering Letter
  • Prepare you for a job interview

To receive guidance and support



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